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Snapdrive 5.2 on Solaris 10 error 0001-185



I installed snapdrive 5.2 on Solaris 10 with NFS only, I set up the credentials and I can see the remote login from the servers to the filer but when I run "snapdrive storage show -all|-devices|etc"


I get the following error:

0001-185 Command error: storage show failed: no NETAPP devices to show or add the host to the trusted hosts (options trusted.hosts) and enable SSL on the storage system or retry after changing snapdrive.conf to use http for storage system communication and restarting snapdrive daemon.


I have the same snapdrive.conf and the same set of credentials on a Red Hat server and works like a charm.  Any ideas are welcome.





Max León



Re: Snapdrive 5.2 on Solaris 10 error 0001-185


Just in case someone else gets to this point, there is an obvious step that is missing but so far seldomly documented.


You need to map the data interfaces, to the management interface of the filer.


To do so you have to run the following command:

snapdrive config set -mgmtpath $filer $data_interface


With as many runs as data interfaces your filer may have.





Max L

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