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Snapdrive - Thinks its on physical machine



I've run in to a bit of a problem with Snapdrive


I have a clean virtual build of Windows Server 2008 R2 patched up to date.


I've installed Powershell 3 as it was requested by the Snapdrive install.


Snapdrive is now installed.


When i launch Snapdrive and look at the initial info page it shows that its installed on a Physical machine when in fact its a VM Guest.


Double checked VM tools is running and it is with version 9.0.15 Build 2560490.


I've run through this process with a clean VM several times now and it always fails to detect the fact that its on a VM.


The underlying Netapp is an AFF8040 running 8.3.1


I've run through SDCLI and it comes up with the error This command is only supported on a VM Guest operating system


What have i missed ? Can anybody point me in the right direction ?




Re: Snapdrive - Thinks its on physical machine

Hi Jonathan, SnapDrive does no longer check the VMtools installation in order to find out whether or not it is installed on a VM. it now uses WMI queries. So, in your case, I am pretty sure you have an issue with WMI on your server. Please take a look at my kb below and run the query manually to confirm the problem: hope that helps, Domenico.

Re: Snapdrive - Thinks its on physical machine



Thanks for the quick reply.


The article is coming up as not found/restricted to employees/no longer available when i click on the link


Do you have a different link to the info ?



Re: Snapdrive - Thinks its on physical machine


Yes; I have partner account and cannot access this KB either.

Re: Snapdrive - Thinks its on physical machine


Apologies, I did not notice that this article is still internal only, for some reasons unknown to me.

Anyway, here is how you can run a test WMI query:


The following is an example of how to check the string manually with the wbemtest.exe tool:

  1. Open a task execution window, type wbemtest.exe, and press Enter


Note: On some operating systems, it is required to search for the program from the list and right-click and select Run as Administrator😞

  1. Enable the Enable All Privileges option and connect to the correct namespace.

  1. Click Query:

  1. Type your query:


  1. Check the value of the SerialNumber string:

Similarly, to detect HyperV virtual machine, open root\CIMV2 namespace.
Run a query and select the Win32_ComputerSystem class and check Model and Manufacture detail.
If the Model value is 'virtual machine' and the Manufacturer is 'Microsoft Corporation,' then assume the machine is HyperV VM.

View solution in original post

Re: Snapdrive - Thinks its on physical machine


This KB article also has the basics for what is checked in WMI:


Re: Snapdrive - Thinks its on physical machine


Thank you.


I've resolved the problem using the information provided.


I knew it had to be simple.


We use an HP OEM Windows Server on our EXSi hosts and have the setting:




This is so we can install using the OEM media as it checks for a HP Serial Number. I've now changed the setting to FALSE and reinstalled Snapdrive and all is back to normal.


Thank you again for the assistance



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