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Snapdrive - Thinks its on physical machine


I've run in to a bit of a problem with Snapdrive


I have a clean virtual build of Windows Server 2008 R2 patched up to date.


I've installed Powershell 3 as it was requested by the Snapdrive install.


Snapdrive is now installed.


When i launch Snapdrive and look at the initial info page it shows that its installed on a Physical machine when in fact its a VM Guest.


Double checked VM tools is running and it is with version 9.0.15 Build 2560490.


I've run through this process with a clean VM several times now and it always fails to detect the fact that its on a VM.


The underlying Netapp is an AFF8040 running 8.3.1


I've run through SDCLI and it comes up with the error This command is only supported on a VM Guest operating system


What have i missed ? Can anybody point me in the right direction ?



Re: Snapdrive - Thinks its on physical machine

Hi Jonathan, SnapDrive does no longer check the VMtools installation in order to find out whether or not it is installed on a VM. it now uses WMI queries. So, in your case, I am pretty sure you have an issue with WMI on your server. Please take a look at my kb below and run the query manually to confirm the problem: hope that helps, Domenico.

Re: Snapdrive - Thinks its on physical machine


Thanks for the quick reply.


The article is coming up as not found/restricted to employees/no longer available when i click on the link


Do you have a different link to the info ?



Re: Snapdrive - Thinks its on physical machine

Yes; I have partner account and cannot access this KB either.

Re: Snapdrive - Thinks its on physical machine

Apologies, I did not notice that this article is still internal only, for some reasons unknown to me.

Anyway, here is how you can run a test WMI query:


The following is an example of how to check the string manually with the wbemtest.exe tool:

  1. Open a task execution window, type wbemtest.exe, and press Enter


Note: On some operating systems, it is required to search for the program from the list and right-click and select Run as Administrator):

  1. Enable the Enable All Privileges option and connect to the correct namespace.

  1. Click Query:

  1. Type your query:


  1. Check the value of the SerialNumber string:

Similarly, to detect HyperV virtual machine, open root\CIMV2 namespace.
Run a query and select the Win32_ComputerSystem class and check Model and Manufacture detail.
If the Model value is 'virtual machine' and the Manufacturer is 'Microsoft Corporation,' then assume the machine is HyperV VM.

Re: Snapdrive - Thinks its on physical machine

This KB article also has the basics for what is checked in WMI:


Re: Snapdrive - Thinks its on physical machine

Thank you.


I've resolved the problem using the information provided.


I knew it had to be simple.


We use an HP OEM Windows Server on our EXSi hosts and have the setting:




This is so we can install using the OEM media as it checks for a HP Serial Number. I've now changed the setting to FALSE and reinstalled Snapdrive and all is back to normal.


Thank you again for the assistance