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Snapdrive Access denied when connecting a lun

Customer has a 2 node E2k8 cluster and is trying to connect to  a shared lun.

Cluster name is EXCHPROD1

Node names are: EXCHCLUS1A + EXCHCLUS1B

When it tries to connect to the lun, the initiatiors for EXCHCLUS1A is mapped, but the initiators for EXCHCLUS1B is not.

And we get an access denied error.

Further investigation revealed that EXCHCLUS1B used to be originally called EXCHPROD1 (which is now the Cluster name)…. Snapdrive is trying to map to initiator to EXCHPROD1 when we want it to map to EXCHCLUS1B….

Where is SD getting this information from? Is there a REGEDIT I can do to fix this?




Re: Snapdrive Access denied when connecting a lun

SnapDrive stores storage information when you add them under "Storage System Management".  Did you try modifying/updating this?

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