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Snapdrive Clustered disk shows as "Dedicated" instead of "Clustered"

Over the weekend I had an issue arise where I had to bring online another LUN to replace another on our SQL server.

Of course, I used snapdrive to do the heavy lifting of adding the disk back as a clustered disk.  Everything came online, almost as expected.

One of the issues I am seeing right now is that when I go into Snapdrive and view the disks, they show as "Dedicated" and not "Clustered".

I have done a failover to our second node in the cluster and the disks move as expected, so I am not sure what the deal is.  Also, possibly related, when I go into Failover Cluster Manager and select "Storage", it gives me an error of "Failed to retrieve the information for the cluster storage".

Is this related?

Does anyone know what the problem could be, and potential fixes?



Re: Snapdrive Clustered disk shows as "Dedicated" instead of "Clustered"

I have the same type of issue going on right now so any answer would be appreciated.


Re: Snapdrive Clustered disk shows as "Dedicated" instead of "Clustered"

Hi All

Have the same Problem with two Disks in a Cluster (Disks shows as dedicated with snapdrive on one Node).

The other 6 Disks showned correct as clustered.

Di you have find a Solution fort his?