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Snapdrive Newb

Kind of new to the netapp and snapdrive world and was curious if anyone had some pointers.  Have snapdrive installed on a server and now trying to add servers to it and getting an error when trying to connect.  Does the snapdrive software need to be installed on every server?  Any help getting startedis appreciated.  Thanks


Re: Snapdrive Newb

Yes, you need to install SnapDrive on all the servers you want to manage and create NetApp LUNs. Then you can use one to manage them all.

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Re: Snapdrive Newb

Thanks for the verification! 

Re: Snapdrive Newb

hi lutzadmins,

Yes you would need to install SDW on all servers. SDW supports slient installation using CLI batch scripts.This would certainly save your time Please try it out


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