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Snapdrive (SDW) and reverse IP lookups

does Snapdrive have  a critical dependency on reverse lookup of IP addresses to successfully mount a  LUN?
IHAC that is asking  this and doesn't understand why Snapdrive would need to resolve IP --> names  at all. Why can't it just use IP addresses?
Quote  below;
It’s annoying, because it means we have to either a) add  an entry into every Windows HOSTS file, which doesn’t scale well, or b) put the  names in DNS, creating bucketloads more failure points and more complex  networking.
Thanks in  advance,

Re: Snapdrive (SDW) and reverse IP lookups

Hi Aaron,

Unfortunately reverse ip lookups are required for all of the snapdrive products.  Without reverse lookups you will have problems connecting to the filer and is noted in the IAG.

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Re: Snapdrive (SDW) and reverse IP lookups

Thanks for the clarification.

We definately need our product management folks to look closer at the scalability of this solution. Issues like this give customers a reason to not deploy snapdrive.

Re: Snapdrive (SDW) and reverse IP lookups

Are you able to clarify exactly why this dependency is there?

Is there a fundamental mechanics dependency on reverse IP lookups for Snapdrive to work? OR is this simply the way it is coded. i.e. Could we just put a switch/radio button in SD that says, "do not use reverse IP lookups, just use IP addresses"?



Re: Snapdrive (SDW) and reverse IP lookups


Re: Snapdrive (SDW) and reverse IP lookups

Bug filed.. This is a burt now..

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