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Snapmanager for SQL: smsqlbi gone?

After upgrading an very out of date version of SMSQL I noticed that my backups stopped working. They were setup by a consultant so it took me a bit to find out they were scheduled via the SQL Jobs and were using a script calling on smsqlbi.exe that has disappeared. Has this executable been renamed or replaced?


Re: Snapmanager for SQL: smsqlbi gone?

Yes, all newer versions of SMSQL use PowerShell cmdlet, smsqlbi.exe is gone. If you have existing scheduled backup jobs, under SMSQL installation directory, run SMSQLUpgradeJobs.exe, you should be able to use that tool to convert/upgrade smsqlbi.exe job to new backup job.

It may be easier to just recreate backup job from new SMSQL GUI.



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Re: Snapmanager for SQL: smsqlbi gone?


Thank you! That updated the two backup routines without issue.

Thanks again!


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