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Snapmirror Initialize

I am currently initializing a 1TB Volume to our DR site over a 100 MB link. I am anticipating it will take over 40 hrs. The dilemma is that the volume on the source filer is snapped once a day via snapdrive by a batch file, run by a scheduled task on the server, at 0500 hrs every morning.

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"C:\Program Files\NetApp\SnapDrive\SDCLI" snap create -D W -s Recent


This means the initailization now in progress will overlap the snap at 0500 hrs. What is going to be the impact?

Should I:

  1. Disable the snapshot of the drive; or
  2. Can the snapmirror initialization be paused and resumed after the snap ?

Re: Snapmirror Initialize

They do not interfere with each other. You can leave it the way it is or disable the sdcli snapshot for the time, whatever you prefer.


Snapmirror Initialize


Sorrry I failed to mention that thea section of the batch file also deletes sanpshots over 5 days old.

"C:\Program Files\NetApp\SnapDrive\SDCLI" snap delete -d W -s OldSnap.5

"C:\Program Files\NetApp\SnapDrive\SDCLI" snap rename -d W -o OldSnap.4 -n OldSnap.5

"C:\Program Files\NetApp\SnapDrive\SDCLI" snap rename -d W -o OldSnap.3 -n OldSnap.4

"C:\Program Files\NetApp\SnapDrive\SDCLI" snap rename -d W -o OldSnap.2 -n OldSnap.3

"C:\Program Files\NetApp\SnapDrive\SDCLI" snap rename -d W -o OldSnap.1 -n OldSnap.2

"C:\Program Files\NetApp\SnapDrive\SDCLI" snap rename -d W -o Recent -n OldSnap.1

I was under the impression that inorder to do this snapdrive takes the volume offline.

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Snapmirror Initialize

Snapshot deletion does not take the volume offline so Peter's answer is still correct. It may be an idea to pause snaps whilst the volume is initializing to prevent them growing too large while data change rate is increased.


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