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Hi there,

I'm fairly new to Commvault/SnapProtect and am currently trying to implement a single working storage policy that will take a primary snap, mirror off the primary, vault off the mirror and then take the vault copy to tape.

When I execute the backup, the primary snap works fine, then I run an aux copy and DFM sets up the mirror and vault relationships and initializes them, however, in DFM it says that protection is unitialized for the dataset.  The problem listed is that "No backup version exists: At least one backup version must be associated with the application dataset.  Suggestion: You might verify that the backup application is properly creating backups."

When I look at the job in the Comm Cell I see in the reason for job delay:

        Error Code: [25:37]

Description: Error occured while creating a new backup version inside DataFabric Manager for Dataset id [8689], Source Copy [220]. Error Message = [].

We are running DFM 5.0.2 and Commserve 9.0 R2 service pack 9b.

If anyone has this type of backup flow working in their Netapp environment, could you please let me know the versions of CommServe and DFM you are running?  There seems to be a breakdown in the communication between my installations of commserve and DFM.






Please have a look at the POC Cookbook at the link below and make sure that the DFM is installed correctly


Thanks for your reply neils.  I don't have access to the fieldportal, could you send me the document please?  My email address is




You are working with Nagel Jeff on this one who is the NetApp SE. Correct ??  He should have access to the field portal. Please work with him regarding this one and he can help you with the doc. Unfortunately i dont think i can provide the documents directly since you dont have access to the field portal


Yes Jeff Nagel is our SE.  I'll reach out to him for this document.  Thanks for your help!

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