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Snapshot Auto Delete

Hi Team,


Would someone please advise on how can we set an auto snap delete that can be triggered by the age of the snap without having a scheduled snap creation running. [on 7-Mode]


Moreover, How can the autodelete enforce a busy snap deletion ?






Re: Snapshot Auto Delete


regarding autodelete option for snapshots

This link should help you


About last question please have a look on explanation of comitment option


Re: Snapshot Auto Delete



Just need a little bit of clarification... As long as I understand, below command will autodelete snapshot based on oldest creation date ?


# snap autodelete vol_name on commitment destroy lun_clone delete_order oldest_first    


Basically we are observing some third party (TSM) snapshots in snap list for the volumes. What we are assuming that TSM didnt cleanup snapshots after the backup window.

There are some normal as well as busy snapshots among these. We are thinking to enable autodelete based on the age of snapshot.

For example.. If we have 5 or 6 snapshots in the lists. ontap deletes the oldest snapshot.


Can you please help me acheiving this...

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