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Hello Team,

Does the snapshots in NetApp also say the no of files and size of data that's copied? I know that only Delta transfers are copied in/through snapshots, but is there a method to check its metadata? I checked the root volume - /mroot/etc/log/snapmirrorauditlog but couldn't find what I was looking for


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When a volume snapshot is created its size on the disk is zero. It locks the blocks of the volume that are in use when the snapshot is taken. If you take a volume snapshot on a volume and make no writes its size will remain zero. It will contain all the files at the time the snapshot is taken and its size on the disk will grow as writes to the volume occur.

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If you are looking for snapmirror transfer information try the command:

snapmirror show-history -result success -instance


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Hello @NetApp_SR ,


Thanks a ton for the reply. Let me explain the context in which I am looking for this particular information.

We have 3 clusters : A,B and C where A and B are FAS and C is CVO. We have migrated the data from A to B, B to C and then broken off the relationship to migrate only from A to C. Now, after resync, we have written test data in A and want to validate only that data is being copied to C. I acknowledge the fact that only the delta transfers (here the test data) would take place when snapshots would be copied, but I want to know if the specific information: file copied, size of file copied, and no of file copied- is there a way to check this in logs somewhere, maybe one of the logs in Root volume, maybe?

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Replication is volume based so we do not look at files. The operation for SnapMirror is block based so it is impractical to reconcile to files. The snapmirror show-history command will show the size of the transfer. To see the files that have changed we could use NetApp XCP to compare the source and destination. The "sync dry-run" will generate a report of modifications. Take a look and see if it meets your needs.


NetApp XCP



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Thank you @NetApp_SR  for your help. Have a great day !

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