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Some entities are not SnapCenter compatible


Hello Community,


I am currently implementing SnapCenter for the First Time.

I try to manage two sites with one Snapcenter Server.

Each site has one FAS with CIFS and NFS.

Each site have one vCenter.

The two sites are strictly identical except for the number of ESXi hosts.


The SnapCenter server is located on Site 1. The network is routed between site 1 and site 2.



Until now everything i have implemented is working Except the backup of VMs of one site.

On site 1 it works on site 2 i have this (see image below).

I have search for this error message but no luck.


Maybe i have missed something.


Thanks for your help.


2017-12-04 10_11_54-vSphere Web Client.png


Re: Some entities are not SnapCenter compatible


Do you happen to have any Xendesktop PVS or MCS virtual macghines on this volume?  I have the same problem and Snapcenter cannot backup any nfs luns where I have MCS configured machines.

One thing to try..goto the VM's that are not working in the vcenter web client and try and try selecting individual VM's and see if it will let them select for Snapcenter protection.  My MCS VM's won't let me select them.  It could be because i have GRID cards added to those VM's but no one knows yet...still working through my case.

Re: Some entities are not SnapCenter compatible


Hello Mark,


Good suggestion i have tried to select each one of my VMs.

Only one is triggering the issue:

  • Windows 2012 R2 French Std
  • SQL Server 2012 Installed
  • Autodesk Vault Products installed
  • Spanned Entity with one VMDK stored on a Synology NAS.


I think i will open a Case with the support.


Thanks for your help.

I will keep the community informed too.

Re: Some entities are not SnapCenter compatible




After lot of debug with NetApp support two things as appeared:

  • You can't include a VM in a backup Job if this VM has some disks outside the NetApp Scope.
    In my case my faulty VM has one of his disks (Sowftware backup) stored on a Synology NAS.
    So you have the message saying that this entitie has an issue.
  • Second issue: i can't contact the vCenter Host plugin because the host is hosted in another site with routing between.
    No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it 10.x.x.x:8144
    Nothing is preventing this connection, and if i try to do TCP port check or Telnet it's working but not with NetApp SnapCenter.
    No Answer Why! I have just moved the plugin host to the same site of SnapCenter Host and it's working.


Hope this could help someone!


Have a nice day.

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Re: Some entities are not SnapCenter compatible

My problem was deemed a bug. When you have a shared PCI device attached to a VM, snapcenter cannot backup the vm's

Re: Some entities are not SnapCenter compatible


I realize this is an older thread, but I didn't see a newer one and I see this error quite often. The fix is I have to reauthenticate the storage system in the SnapCenter Plugin in vSphere. 

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