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Strange netapp behaviour

We'v a strange problem.

On a windows 2008 R2 64 with an SQL 2005 on it we've the sql and explorer who crashed (server freezed)

After that, when we reboot the serveur, the snap partition was mounted as c: on the serveur...

Imagine the rest...

Have an idea?



Re: Strange netapp behaviour

If this is a CIFS environment, I will consider disabling client access to snapshots as described in below link

Re: Strange netapp behaviour

It's in a fibre channel environment

I'm talking about lun



Re: Strange netapp behaviour

Is your SQL server virtualized?

Do you have your C: drive for the server on different volumes of your sql data drives?

Are you running SnapDrive and Snap Manager for SQL, if so what versions?

What version of Ontap are you running and what model of NetApp filer?

Which snap partition was mounted?  The snap of C drive or the snap of one of your data luns?

There is not enough information in your post to accurately troubleshoot.

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