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Tape backup for a SnapManager Sharepoint environment?


Hi, we have installed a SMSQL 5.0 and SMSP 6.0 on a Netapp (on iSCSI) with VMware VSphere4 environment.

Sharepoint is 2007 and SQL is 2005 SP2 - there is only 1 single WFE server (also double as index server) and 1 single SQL server, no clustering.

So far we are limping through and got to a point where we need to do month end backups.

We have implemented SMVI and we have a BackupExec server that can ndmp copy all the "_recent" snapshots to tapes during month end. We do this for all our vmdk nfsdatastore backups.

Now in order to recreate the environment from tapes, am I correct that the following snapshots need to be available (assume that we have the VMware and Netapp still running and our Active Directory is running):

1. all the vmdk snapshots of the sysvol for the SMSP server, SQL server, Sharepoint WFE and possibly the verification server, these snapshots should presumably be taken after the month end SMSP / SMSQL backups have been done.

2. all the snapshots taken for the SQL server including content databases, config and SSP databases, search databases - for all the snapshots taken by SMSP, it doesn't look like they produce a snapshot with _recent? Can I run a script to rename them or this will make SMSP confused?

3. the snapinfo snapshot that was taken after the SMSP run.

4. the index files that are backed up using SnapDrive on the month end SMSP run,

5. backup of the WFE settings (12 hives etc),

6. backup of the SMSP archived data and extended data in CIFS.

7. backup of the configuration of the SMSP - is this a manual process or it's automatic?

Is the above correct or have I missed anything?

Doing Snapmirror to a secondary site is the next step, but we have to get the month end backup working first.

Many thanks



Tape backup for a SnapManager Sharepoint environment?



I'm in the same situation, unable to backup recent SMSP snapshot due to naming convention, did you ever find a work around for this?


Tape backup for a SnapManager Sharepoint environment?


I think an alterntaive to backing up _recent is to select the entire volume then exclude .snapshot folder as per below article, obviously this would backup the actual volume rather than the snapshot though.

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