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Unable to Break SVM Peer Relationship



There is an issue where we are unable to remove an SVM peer relationship so we can destroy the SVM.

The SVM is peered:


praesdc1    praesdc2    peered       dc2-tier1-cluster1

                                                       snapmirror     praesdc2



When trying to delete the peer relationship we get the following error "Error: command failed: Relationship is in use by SnapMirror iocal cluster. Use the "Snapmirror list-destinations" command to view the relationship"


Checking we do not see a Snapmirror relationship. I have been advised that the volumes were deleted before the relationship was broken.


Is there any way be can break the peer relationship when we dont see a Snapmirror relationship






Re: Unable to Break SVM Peer Relationship

try running snapmirror list-destinations on the protected site filers.

Re: Unable to Break SVM Peer Relationship

In your delete command, try using 'force' switch and let us know if that does it or still complains.

-force true

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