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Unattended agent installation


Is there a way to do an unattended installation / upgrade of the SC agent ?


Kris Boeckx



Re: Unattended agent installation

Hi Kris,

Yes there is an SC Agent service .exe and you can run this to install service. You can install agent once and then zip it up and create unattended install. I believe you provide port, etc, if not you could update it in registry. Once you have service created you can start it and are done.

Another option is to not use service and just run the snapcreator.exe binary, this is pretty simply as it can run without being service but most folks want a windows service.

On unix you can install agent once and run --setup once and then simply unpack agent and copy LICENSE file and it will run.



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Re: Unattended agent installation

Hi Keith,

Thanks, after looking in the install folder of the SC agent I discovered an "install.bat" file.

So if you copy the scAgent folder to an other machine and run "install.bat agent <installpath> --start-agent 9090", your done.

In my case <installpath> = "C:\Program Files\NetApp\NetApp_Snap_Creator_Framework\"

Thanks !

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