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Unregistering SnapCenter from VSC

Does anyone know how to unregister SnapCenter from VSC there doesn't seem to be an option to do it from VSC?


Re: Unregistering SnapCenter from VSC

The only way to unregister VSC from SnapCenter is to uninstall VSC.  You will also need to remove the vSphere host from within SnapCenter.

Re: Unregistering SnapCenter from VSC

That seems pretty drastic. Is there no way to edit config files on the server running VSC?

Re: Unregistering SnapCenter from VSC

Unfortunately, at this time, there's no editable files to change this behavior.

Re: Unregistering SnapCenter from VSC

So are there any plans to put an unregister feature into VSC? it seems to be pretty drastic that you have to reinstall VSC.

I wanted to use SnapCenter in our new environment but unfortunatly had so many issues with it that I had to drop it in favour of SM for SQL.

Re: Unregistering SnapCenter from VSC

I have just spoken to a Netapp engineer and he has told me how to manually unregister SnapCenter from VSC.


On the VSC server edit the file \Program Files\Netapp\Virtual Storage Console\etc\scbr\


Remove everything in the file save it and then restart the Netapp SnapManager for Virtual Infrastucture service.


Much easier than resinstalling VSC Smiley Happy

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Re: Unregistering SnapCenter from VSC

Hi All,


Easiest method is just go to Snap Center host. Open powershell-->


open-smconnection -Credential <domain\account> ------------> ask for password "enter password".


now type


Remove-SmHost -Hostname <VSC hostname or Ipaddress> -Force


Remove-Smhost will remove Vsc server from Snap Center. 






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