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Using Snapmanager for Sharepoint / SQL in HyperV environment.


I have a 3node Hyper-V cluster environment with a FAS3210. The cluster is configured to use Cluster Shared Volumes.

Our SQL server and all the Sharepoint servers are virtual. We purchased the full Windows bundle. I am trying to get Snapmanager to work. Now, here is the tricky part:

When installing the Snapmanager suite, I get an error saying that it cannot detect any Netapp LUN's in my VM. In essence it is true, because the VM is using VHD disks, located within the CSV.

I have snapdrive installed on all the physical nodes.

We are using FCP for connectivity. My question is this:

Do I have to have a LUN as a direct attached disk for Snapmanager to see it as a Netapp LUN? I tried using a passthrough disk, but that does not work either. I cannot create a direct ISCSI connection from the VM to the storage, because we are using FCP?

This scenario is true for Sharepoint and SQL

Any ideas?


Re: Using Snapmanager for Sharepoint / SQL in HyperV environment.

This sounds like a support related question. If you have an active NetApp Support login, there are subject matter experts in the NetApp Support Community that may help answer your questions.

If this is an urgent issue please open a case with NetApp Technical Support.



Re: Using Snapmanager for Sharepoint / SQL in HyperV environment.

In order for a LUN to be presented to SnapManager for SharePoint or SnapManager for SQL Server you need to use SnapDrive for Windows (SDW) to connect to your FAS3210 where you have Aggr/Vol/LUNs defined. SDW will work over FCP or iSCSI. In SDW you will go through the process of connecting to a controller, etc through a Wizard interface. Once you complete that then whatever VM you are on will present a LUN to the Windows Host. When you go into Windows Disk Management you will see the LUNs show up.

Hopefully this issue has been resolved but I wanted to provide a bit of detail to the group.



Re: Using Snapmanager for Sharepoint / SQL in HyperV environment.


I created pass-through disks on the Cluster, and initiated a cluster refresh. After the refresh completed, I could see the disks in the VM. I then continued the install as normal, and everything works.


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