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Using data broker to mount VMs?


Is there a way to use data broker to just mount a specific vm, meaning restoring it from a previous backup but without replacing the original one?

We have a corruption on one of our vms and we're not sure when it happened so that means restoring from the whole last week but I want to be able to bring up those VMs but without touching the original one.

I thought about just renaming and storage vmotion the original to a new datastore but if I restored it manually I could register the restored vm with a deifferent name while keeping the original.

Is that possible with data broker?


Re: Using data broker to mount VMs?

Select VM -> More Objects-> Backups


and select the backup and you will see option mount is enabled .


You can mount and register VMx of the vM to a new name and verify.

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Re: Using data broker to mount VMs?

This mounts the datastore only. So you say I have to use the data broker to mount the datastore and from there manually pick and register the vm I want to bring up?

Re: Using data broker to mount VMs?

This is the option to verify entire VM.

Or if you want to check data on one of the disks, you can attach the particular disks to any other VM and verify login to that VM.

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