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Using sdcli on remote Windows 2008 host

I have build a SpaceReclaimer script that starts the SpaceReclaimer once a week on all selected hosts using the sdcli command. The script runs on a Windows 2003 x64 host. Thusfar, we used it with other Windows 2003 hosts without any problem. Recently, we installed a couple of Windows 2008 x64 hosts with NetApp LUNs attached to them. Unfortunatelly, the script fails on these hosts with the message: "Error: The RPC server is unavailable."

I've tried running the sdcli command on one of these Windows 2008 x64 hosts. Locally it worked perfectly, but connection to another Windows 2008 x64 host fails with the same error.

I've also tried disabling the WIndows Firewall on these hosts, but with no effect. As suggested in the SnapDrive 6.1 for Windows Installation and Administration Guide, I also tried running the script as Administrator, but also with no luck...

Can anyone help me?



Re: Using sdcli on remote Windows 2008 host

Are you able to add the remote snapdrive instance on your Windows 2003 host using the "Add Snapdrive server" on the MMC?

Re: Using sdcli on remote Windows 2008 host

Good one; hadn't tried that yet. Unfortunatelly I'm unable to add the remote snapdrive instance. SnapDrive gives the following reason for the connection failure:

Re: Using sdcli on remote Windows 2008 host

- Are you able to ping the hosts from the windows 2003 systems ?

- Are the SDW versions same on the windows 2003 and 2008 systems?

- Did you double check on the firewall.

This is an issue where the windows 2003 host is unable to communicate to the 2008 host

Re: Using sdcli on remote Windows 2008 host

Sorry I forgot to mention earlier; I'm able to ping, open a fileshare, etc. Doublechecked the firewall (even turned it off). SDW versions are the same.

However, for some miraculous reason all works fine now! I don't understand how or why, so I'll investigate further. But for now, I'm happy. 🙂

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