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VMware RDM and SnapDrive CLI error


IHAC having a problem with the snap drive CLI command for creating a LUN.  They're trying to move away from microsoft iSCSI initiator and use VMWare RDM with Snap Drive.

Here is the command line argument that causes the error if that helps…

Sdcli disk create –z 580gb –rs n –dtype dedicated –d M –p FAS2040-1:/vol/exch_mail_db/exch_mail_db –IG EXCH1 EXCH1

The command line gives error as follows…

Unable to create LUNs.

Error: The FC HBA API required for the requested operation is not installed or is malfunctioning, or there are no FC HBAs.



Are you getting any errors in the storage array logs?  It may be a esx/sdw authentication issue.  Can you provide more info?



In order to troubleshoot the problem further, please run the ONTAPWinDC tool which is a data collection program.

In order to run ONTAPWinDC you will need to know how to Download and run ONTAPWinDC and how to Upload the results via FTP or HTTP.


This link includes instructions for downloading and executing the data collection program:

1. Download the package that matches your computer’s processor architecture (x86, x64, IA64) to a central location on your network where you want to store the collected data. Make sure this location has sufficient space to store the collected data.

2. Double click on the ONTAPWinDC.exe program to begin the installation process.

3. Double click on the ONTAPWinDC program icon shortcut on the desktop to run the tool.

4. Click the lightning bolt to start the tool. You’ll be prompted to fill in storage system(s) and Fibre Channel switch(s) information, if you have not already done so in step #3.

5. The tool will create a directory and cab file in the following location. <ONTAPWinDC tool directory> refers to the location chosen in step #1: <ONTAPWinDC tool directory\Logs

6. The naming convention is as follows:

Directory name: <server name>_<date stamp>-<time stamp>

CAB file name: <server name>_<date stamp>-<time stamp>.cab

7. Optional - Where MSCS is involved, this tool needs to be run on all nodes of the cluster.

8. Send the CAB file(s) to NetApp Global Services. The directory can be deleted.


To do so, first rename the .cab file to and then upload it.

Go to and upload the file via HTTP or HTTPS.

Alternate directions for uploading files via FTP:

1. ftp

2. login: anonymous

3. password: [valid-email-address]

4. cd to-ntap

5. bin to transfer file in binary mode

6. hash to display hash marks while file downloads

7. put to transfer file

Please reply to this e-mail to confirm when the upload has completed.

If I don't hear back from you I will go ahead and close this case.



Were you able to find the right commands to issue for a VMware RDM lun?


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