VTL Post Process Deduplication

Greetings and salutations. Does anyone out there have any experiences to share regarding situations where you have had issues with getting the post process completed? I am seeing that at around 70-75% of capacity, we start seeing warnings of space usage. At about 80-85% the VTL will start behaving erratically, like take the drives offline in an attempt to self-preserve. If we fill up space too fast, it can't catch up on the post process, and we have to essentially stop all backups and restores to let it finish uninterrupted. I also wondered how this VTL handles cleanup of expired, re-labled volumes. There is no indication that that is happening, like you see with volumes actually having been written to, and seen in the post process job. I also have seen that if the post process job does not finish in the window, the FSB job will not kick off to reflect any savings from the dedup process. I also think I have observed the following caveat - if you want to run backups or restores during your post process window, then out-of-band dedup is not the right product to get. Any comments out there are greatly appreciated.

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as you possibly know, VTL & DeDup is a sensitive topic. I strongly recommend you to get in touch with NetApp professional service regarding your issues and a possible solution.


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Sensitive is an undestatement. How about criminal, would that be a better word?

I have cases open, but get very little or no quality help, which is why I am trying this forum. Thanks for your response.

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NetApps product policy is none of my concern to discuss here.

I recommend you to escalate these things with your favorite NetApp sales representative instead of customer support only.