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Verifications carried out on a separate server




We're trying to configure a seperate "verification" server that would take the backups from the live servers and verify them.

I'm using a powershell script below, but it returns "No backup was found to meet criteria for verification."


# If the snap manager for SQL module isn't loaded then load it

If ( ! (Get-module SMSQLPSSnapIn ))
{ Import-Module -Name "C:\Program Files\NetApp\SnapManager for SQL Server\SMSQLPSSnapIn.dll" -DisableNameChecking}


Verify-backup -Server 'LiveServer' -VerifyServerInstance 'VerificationServer' -mp –mpdir 'C:\SMSQLMnPt'


I've taken non-verified backups on the live server, but it is still returning this message.

Can you advise?


Does anyone have similar powershell scripts that achieve the same thing?


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