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Where to Download Hotfixes?

I'm trying to install netapp_windows_host_utilities_5.3_x64 on my Windows 2008 SP2 box. It requires 3 hotfixes: Q970525, Q972797 and Q976748. Where is the best place to download them?




Re: Where to Download Hotfixes?

Re: Where to Download Hotfixes?

Microsoft? ☺

Go to corresponding KB article on and click “View and request hotfix downloads”.

Microsoft also offers Premier support site where you can directly download hotfixes; your company of course has to have premier support agreement with Microsoft.

Re: Where to Download Hotfixes?

I just experienced the same and want to offer a quicker reference for future forum users.

Each link has a link in the top left corner of the article to view and request the hotfix. Microsoft will then email you a link with password to download the hotfix.

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