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Where to download SnapCreator?

Happy New Year to everybody!

Somehow I could not find information where to download this wonderful software. I appreciate any pointers. Thank you!


Re: Where to download SnapCreator?

You should be able to download it in the software download section on the now site

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Re: Where to download SnapCreator?

I believe you engage Professional Services to get this. I'd start with your account team. SnapCreator is customized for individual applications.

-- Adam Fox

Re: Where to download SnapCreator?


In order to get hold of SnapCreator you need to go through your NetApp Sales Representative it is not available on NOW at this time


Keith Tenzer

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Re: Where to download SnapCreator?

Would it be part of the NOW, for us to download, or will it always be a PVR ?

Re: Where to download SnapCreator?


We are trying to find a way to make it available to partners. Unfortunately we are not there yet.



Re: Where to download SnapCreator?


Currently, the tool is available through NetApp PS and PVR. We are working on making the tool available to partners in the near future - in the meantime as Adam and Keith suggested if you have opportunities with DB2, Sybase, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MaxDB, Lotus Domino please reach out to local NetApp account manager/Partner Manager.



Re: Where to download SnapCreator?

Snap Creator Framework with plug-ins for DB2, MySQL and Oracle are available for download from NetApp NOW site ( unders software downloads section.  This package is available to customers and partners free of cost. Support is available for customers with valid NetApp storage system support entitlement.

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