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Will Snapdrive communicate/manage a single vfiler ?



Can someone tell me if Snapdrive will communicate with and manage a single vfiler?


We have different business units assigned to vfilers and we need Snapdrive to manage a single vfiler and not see the whole array?  Is this possible? 


At this point, my understanding is that this will not work.





Re: Will Snapdrive communicate/manage a single vfiler ?


I remember it working... The guide lists only that if you use vFilers then to create snapmirrors in the vfiler, not that SnapDrive can push the mirror vfiler to target.  Key thing is in the vfiler context set http admin "vfiler run options httpd.admin.enable on" since not on by default.

Re: Will Snapdrive communicate/manage a single vfiler ?


There are some limitations with vfiler (does not support FCP, etc), but SnapDrive definetely works fine with Vfilers.

You just need to setup httpd.admin and ensure the vfiler name is in dns and translates into the IP used for management tasks (SnapDrive will use this ip/hostname for sending ZAPI calls when communicating with the vfiler).

if you see a problem, you need to look into the logs and perhaps log a case.


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