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Windows 2012 Support for Snapmanager Oracle




Does anyone know if snapmanager for Oracle is supported on a Windows 2012 R2 platform?

There seems to be a 3.3.1P1 version but I can't find any statement about this.




Re: Windows 2012 Support for Snapmanager Oracle


Looking at the NetApp interoprability matrix there does not seem to be any support for Server 2012 at all (r2 or otherwise) the only supported versions run on Server 2008.


I can only suggest you double check that with NetApp support or your NetApp reps, but certainly according to the IMT it's not supported.

Re: Windows 2012 Support for Snapmanager Oracle


Find the folllowing information on de software download of v3.3.1.

It seems this version was available but due to issues it was withdrawn.



SnapManager for Oracle (Windows) - 3.3.1P1

Date Posted: 27-JUN-2014

SnapManager For ORACLE/SAP 3.3.1P1

BURTs addressed in this SMO/SMSAP 3.3.1P1
805061 - SMO is not working on windows 2012
760028 - lsvg -l sapdata1 fails with 0516-1201 lsvg: Warning: Volume group sapdata1 is locked
771250 - SMO: Need to handle java.lang.NullPointerException during Backup Refresh call
664507 - SMSAP profile creation hangs

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