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Write Snapcreator output to standard out

We have a program called Tidal to which schedules jobs.  If a job fails and the program writes to standard out, Tidal can capture the output and send it to specified users.  I just recently put our snapcreator jobs into Tidal and when they fail, Tidal does not return any job failure details.  Is it possible to configure snapcreator to output the error details to standard out so that Tidal can capture the error details?




Write Snapcreator output to standard out

Hi Mike,

If you run Snap Creator with --verbose option then it will send messages to STDOUT. We send Error messages to both STDOUT and STDERR. Without --verbose we dont send anything to STDOUT only to log file.

./snapcreator --profile <profile> --action <action> --policy <policy> --verbose

For more detail you can use the --debug option as well



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Write Snapcreator output to standard out

Awesome!  Thanks for the quick reply.  I was just wondering if the --verbose would do the trick and was going to dig around in the admin guide, but you saved me the trouble.   Thanks very much.

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