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about smo error

help me thanks


Re: about smo error

You have a controlfile, datafile, or archive log somewhere on the local filesystem.

All the controlfiles, datafiles, and archive logs of the database need to be on netapp storage.

If you send us a diagnostics jar, we can see exactly which file is causing the problem.

Re: about smo error

thank you sir,

how do i get the a diagnostics jar file?

Re: about smo error

From the SMO GUI....

  1. "Admin" | "Create Diagnostics"
  2. "Perform Complete  Diagnostics"
  3. Enter the "Server Host"
  4. Do  not specify a profile
  5. "No operation"

Or alternatively, from the host where smo_server is running, issue the following cli command... "smo system dump"

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