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Hi,   A backup process has failed creating the SnapVault relationship to secondary storage. This relationship was later created by the next backup but more
I want to backup SMB shares using a client. Now, this client lives in a different domain and it would be preferred if the data is encrypted.  However, more
I successfully upgraded my plugin servers from 4.1.1 to databroker plugin 1.0.1 but i'm not getting any updates on jobs snapcenter server.     How do more
Hi...    We currently have an "interesting" discussion with NetApp Support. Maybe the community would like to weigh in.   We've used SMBR with SME for more
Hi Pro’s! I am confused regarding source and destination storage efficiency. What is best practice?In my case, we have server data volumes nfs mounted more
After updating our CentOS servers the SnapCenter Plug-in Loader service (spl daemon) could no longer be contacted on port 8145. After running some tes more
I backup up a volume to a file using SMTape backup on Ontap 9.1P20 but can not restore it to Ontap 9.7P2 as the restore fails. Is there a way around t more
At my company we are backing up SQL Server by implementing SnapVault against a secondary storage system. We are not able to clone a database with logs more
Hi,    I have installed SnapCenter 4.2.0 agents in two node SQL Server cluster with active-active configuration. But SnapCenter only can access to the more
Hey, SnapCenter 4.3.1 was released a few days ago on the support site but no docs are available. what does it fix? are there any new features? I could more
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