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hi,   I would like to know if Snapcenter support the SVM-DR ? I would like to understand how the mechanism works between svmdr and snapcent more
I have installed Snapcenter in my environment and I am having issues adding storage systems and host the errors I am facing are as attached. The chose more
MS Exchange Server 2010 is one the most promising communication server by Microsoft, also manipulating data in case of hardware failure and accidental more
Hi all,   I have problems to mount the generated clone from the Snapcenter. My SUSE 12 SPS 3 cant see the automatic generated junction path (ex: Sc0a3 more
Couple things really, one of them related to jobs suddenly failing.   Previously running 4.1P3. Upgraded to 4.1.1P3 Monday morning.   This morning, ge more
Hello,   We have MongoDB environments using a 3-node replicaSet (without arbiter) in production. We have started making use of SnapCreator to take dai more
Hi,   we need a backup concept where there no local snapshots  remain.   so the source will create a snapshot with label "daily" for example, it will more
One of our servers went down, and although we have been able to recover all DBs, I have noticed that the "plug-in" status on "SnapCenter Console" show more
There is TDP relation ship from 7 Mode system to C Mode1) There is snapmirror realtionship established from 7 Mode to C mode on vserver 1  2) Snapmirr more
We are gearing up to transition from SMSQL to the SnapCenter SQL Plug-In. If I'm reading correctly, a LUN for the Host Log Directory replaces the Snap more