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Two Windows Server 2016 virtual machines running on top of ESXi 6.7 in a Microsoft cluster. ONTAP 9.7P8. Servers are using in-guest iSCSI initiators t more
Using Snapcentre for Oracle 3.4.1 P4 on Windows 2008 R2 (don't ask why! 🙂 ). Obviously SMO works by creating flex-clones in the underlying storage th more
Attempting to install the snapcenter for Microsoft Windows and the Exchange plug in, the push install gives me the following errors: 1. The minimum .N more
New to SnapCentre. Does use of SnapCentre negate the requirement for Snapdrive at the target server where storage is presented. 
Hi, we have 3 instances of Snapcentre. Logon pages look the same on each instance. Is it possible/support to change the logon web page so I could incl more
Relatively new on NetApp, try to understand and practice the SnapVault. Can someone share your experience? thanks.   1. can we create SnapVault snapsh more
When trying to create a backup job in Snapcenter 2.0 P2, we are gettign failure error messages like the below.   What are the causes to this type of e more
We are using right now SnapCreator for MYSQL and we want to try the plugin for SnapCenter. The plugin for SnapCenter what format the tables need to be more
Hi, is it possible to move Storage Snapshots, taken by SnapCenter, directly to Ceph S3 Storage using Fabric Pool? If yes, how can configure it? Do I n more
Checkout REST API's for reporting exposed for SnapCenter. In the demo you will see how you can build customize SnapCenter backup report using any repo more
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