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Hi There   I am following NetApp document for migrating SCV from a Windows server to a fresh Data Broker using Snapcenter 4.2 in order to upgrade to 4 more
Hi,   we are running SC 4.3.1 to backup MySQL / MariaDB on Linux. Agent is installed and running. MySQL resource was discovered but locked.   When cho more
Hi, I am trying to do a restore from the primary location (no SnapMirror, no SnapVault) but do not see any option where to restore it TO. Is this goin more
Hi there   This may be a dumb question, but here goes......   If i implement an HA snapcenter server solution on my primary site and use this to snap more
One of my client they removed a mounted cloned LUN on vCenter mistakenly. That LUN of-course created via SCPVS 4.1.1. Now, the task still show on SCPv more
Hello All, Just in case anyone else comes across tis issue I thought I'd record my workaround here. It'll also come in handy if I have to reinstall Sn more
Hello  Today I deployed snapcenter plug-in for vsphere 4.3  ova file to vcenter. Plug-in s' network is configured and service is running. I am sure th more
So, does SnapCenter Plug-in for VMware 4.3 support backup of VVol VMs on vSphere 6.7U3?
Any VSC product specialists know if there is a new VSC version going to land anytime soon which supports VMWare 7 and SRM 8.3, currently VSC\SRA 9.7 d more
Hi,We're been using the vSphere plugin from Snapcenter to snapshot our datastores and when possible with the VM consistency option enabled. There are more
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