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configuring DP Snapmirror with DataONTAP. I want to temporarily mount NFS on the DestinationVol side for ESXi DataStore. In this case, should I do "Sn more
Hello all.   We had to change the SnapCenter server's IP address, and now the vSphere web client SnapCenter plug-in fails to reach it. All spinners ke more
Hi,When is the ordinal or generic (_recent) snapshot naming ability going to be added to snapcenter plug in for VMWare? Unfortunately i still do NDMP more
I am able to successfully perform sql backups on both of my test SQL hosts in snapcenter, as well as "in place" sql database restores, however, I am h more
Hi guys,   I've re-added a controller (running Ontap 8.2.4 in 7-mode) to DFM/OnCommand Core; it was already previously known to DFM, but deleted by ac more
Feature request: SnapCenter has the ability to manage backup retention on the primary by count or by # of days.  We prefer by # of days.  Works well a more
We have just recently deployed SnapCenter for the first time, and transitioned our VSC backup jobs to the SnapCenter plug-in. I notice when setting up more
We would like to change the snapshot count within SMO profiles, but we get an error when we try to save the changes. There is no operation runnung, bu more
This document covers data protection and backup, specifically for NetApp® FlexGroup volumes. Topics include Snapshot copies, SnapMirror®, and other da more
I have one question i was installing sql plug in on my sap server. I was log in with user who is snapcenter administrator. By installing  plugin to ho more