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Snapcenter 4.1.1. After 3 month i get again the error  for releationship. but on Destination i see the snapsot. So everything should work . i only get more
Hi  i habe snapcenter and more resource group, but only by one i get the error "No SnapMirror relationships were found. Resolution: Please mak more
I am working on the implementation of SnapCenter in a segmented network with secuirty controlled boundaries and therefore need to be really clear on t more
can we use NetApp custom plug in for Linux around with Linux command "xfs_freeze" to replicate Linux file systems? "xfs_freeze can freeze and resume t more
Hi,   Having trouble with a snapmirror update not completing. It fails with the following error:   Failed to create Snapshot copy on volume [svm]:[vol more
Recently just installed snapcenter on a new vmware 6.7 poc environment. I was able to get the VSC appliance up and running and get databroker to work more
Hey guys,   I'm looking at doing a migration from Windows based SnapCenter Plug-in for VMWare VSphere (4.1.1) to NetApp DataBroker  1.0.1. In reading more
Trying out the MSSQL plugin for the first time but I have an issue.   Discovery works fine and all the databases come back ok but there is an error. N more
We have installed our Veritas NetBackup server in NetApp storage with Redhat Linux, we are looking for a solution to replicate NetBackup to remote sit more
Hi guys,   Does anyone know how snapcentre discovers which SVM to use for NFS drives? It appears to scan every SVM and look at the export policies, th more
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