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Talk with other data protection experts about NetApp's SnapManager, SnapDrive, SnapProtect and SnapCenter.

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At my company we are backing up SQL Server by implementing SnapVault against a secondary storage system. We are not able to clone a database with logs more
Hi,    I have installed SnapCenter 4.2.0 agents in two node SQL Server cluster with active-active configuration. But SnapCenter only can access to the more
Hey, SnapCenter 4.3.1 was released a few days ago on the support site but no docs are available. what does it fix? are there any new features? I could more
Hi All.   Have an issue with SnapCenter 4.1.1 on vSphere 6.7. The User ID that was used to tie in SnapCenter and VSC to vSphere had the Password expir more
Can someone just sanity check something for me?   We have a production SQL instance, and on that instance there is also a copy of a production databas more
All,   Twice I've downloaded the SC 4.3.3P2 for Windows x64 and x32 and the packages don't match the checksums. I executed the installer and it appear more
Hey, does anyone know if the storage plugin at the automation store is planned to support management of replications for flexgroups? thanks!
I have not been able to find any official announcements from Netapp on the state of SnapDrive. It appears that SnapDrive is no longer listed as compat more
Hi,   We are migrating from one SnapCenter installation to a new one and have Exchange backups which have been recreated on the new environment and ha more
Snapcenter 4.1.1. After 3 month i get again the error  for releationship. but on Destination i see the snapsot. So everything should work . i only get more
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