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Any VSC product specialists know if there is a new VSC version going to land anytime soon which supports VMWare 7 and SRM 8.3, currently VSC\SRA 9.7 d more
Hi,When is the ordinal or generic (_recent) snapshot naming ability going to be added to snapcenter plug in for VMWare? Unfortunately i still do NDMP more
Hi,   We have recently moved to SQL 2016 (3 Node Always On) on Server 2016 and are using SnapCenter 4.3  as the backup platform. This has worked reaso more
Hello,   Trying to use SnapCenter to manage LUNs on a few Windows Server 2012 R2. Using SC 4.3.1P2 and windows plugin only.   Created volume/luns manu more
Hi. Is there an updated version of the following document: TR 3446 = SnapMirror Async Overview and Best Practices Guide  
Hi All   I was hoping to get additional help from anyone regarding this issue which has got me pretty stumped   Im in the midst of setting up the Snap more
At some servers I get the message: "Activity 'Registering Backup and Applying Retention' failed with error: Value cannot be null." when I try to backu more
Dear all,   I'm currently facing an issue while adding Shared Disks to one of our Microsoft Failover Clusters in our testing environment.   A few hour more
At my company we are backing up SQL Server by implementing SnapVault against a secondary storage system. We are not able to clone a database with logs more
Hi All,   We are currently using windows based dedicated SnapCenter Plugin for VMWare vSphere 4.1.1. We have upgraded SnapCenter server to 4.3.1P1 rec more
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