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Hi all.   I have something question.   In my case, my customer now using 15TB volume and they want to make 15TB volume to 5TB volume and than making n more
I am looking at the possibility of using NDMP for backup to tape in Veeam.   When I run the command:   cluster::> security login create -user-or-group more
My FAS2650 2-node cluster is running out of gas.  I'm exceeding the amount of data that this number of spindles can deliver.  I need to micromanage pe more
I have a pretty simple question. We have finally migrated all but three of our SQL Server backups from SnapManager for SQL to SnapCenter and it is gre more
Hello, I am doing copy based migration using 7mtt tool. I got a 7mtt project setup with couple of volumes mirrored to cluster mode filer. Now I want t more
Hello, I have 59 Resource Groups and need to change the email notification settings on all of them (specifically the EmailTo field). I am looking in P more
learning SnapCenter with SQL, a few questions you may help. thanks in advance. 1. when we restore SQL database from a snapshot, will all blocks/whole more
Not hugely familiar with this product. Can SnapCenter ensure VMs are powered off before being snapped and power on thereafter? I have some Linux appli more
Hi,   We have  Snapcenter 4.1 with SQL Plug-In running on SQL server,  I am hoping to use PowerShell to trigger the jobs through a third party program more
Hello alltogether,   after changing a recursively found svm within the storage settings the list if storages remains empty with the information "updat more
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