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Environment: vCenter 6.5 SnapCenter 4.0   Issue: We have several virtual SQL Servers being backed up with SnapCenter 4.0.  The backups are working oka more
Hi All   Has someone an running Environment with Snapcenter 4.1 and vCenter 6.7 (Flash Client not HTML5 Client). I know vCenter 6.7 gets supported wit more
Hello,   we are using Snapcenter 4.1.1 with mysql Plugin 1.0. We have the problem that sometimes (randomly) the Backup jobs fails with following error more
Hello,   I have a client who uses NetApp's SnapManager to take backups of their production SQL Server 2012 SP4 production database. They then take tha more
i'm getting erros on clean up with suggestion to increase the WRAPPER_TIMEOUT_IN_MSEC value in and couldn't find much information on more
Hi, ALL! We are newbie in the NetApp's world and we are in progress of moving to NetApp from our old storages. One of my dreams was to get rid of RDM' more
Hi,   We are having an issue where when we try and configure the SnapCenter vSphere plugin with the SnapCenter Server details we are presented with th more
Some of You may have noticed my previous posts regarding configuration issues, those are more likely gone. Now I've an issue regarding scheduled snaps more
Hi,   maybe anyone can help me to resolve this Problem:   SCC-00164: Application quiesce for plug-in [hana] failed with exit code [-1] and with error more
I am trying to script the end to end process of a new server build, setting up snap center, creating and connecting the default luns in windows. Looki more