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 in the past we need to restore some vm. restore was working without problems. after that i can remember fey days after restore my co worker found on more
Hi, As "Snapshot backup of HANA 2.x MDC with multiple tenant" is not supported by SAP now, I'd like to know if at least the "file-based backup of HANA more
I'm using VMDKs from multiple datastores/LUNs/Volumes to create a spanned Windows NTFS volume in a VMware VM.   So machine ServerA has two (2) disks c more
First, our scenario: we use SMSQL 7.2.3 and SnapDrive 7.1.5, and are about to use the Clone Wizard for the first time. Purpose is to move databases fr more
configuring DP Snapmirror with DataONTAP. I want to temporarily mount NFS on the DestinationVol side for ESXi DataStore. In this case, should I do "Sn more
Hello all.   We had to change the SnapCenter server's IP address, and now the vSphere web client SnapCenter plug-in fails to reach it. All spinners ke more
Hi,When is the ordinal or generic (_recent) snapshot naming ability going to be added to snapcenter plug in for VMWare? Unfortunately i still do NDMP more
I am able to successfully perform sql backups on both of my test SQL hosts in snapcenter, as well as "in place" sql database restores, however, I am h more
Hi guys,   I've re-added a controller (running Ontap 8.2.4 in 7-mode) to DFM/OnCommand Core; it was already previously known to DFM, but deleted by ac more
Feature request: SnapCenter has the ability to manage backup retention on the primary by count or by # of days.  We prefer by # of days.  Works well a more