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Hi, refer SMO, when backup and it will take snapshot data, archive, control file each LUN. but SnapCenter for Oracle, when backup and it will take sna more
Hi all I have 1 SnapCenter 4.1 server and I would like to have only 1 server to protect my vCenter and the SnapCenter Repository but if I install Wind more
Hi, we're running on SQL Server 2012 SP4 on Windows Server 2012 R2 with SnapManager for SQL Server version and our database backup / ver more
Hi bros!   I have a big problem and try to solve it now for about 3 days now im at the end. My System:   Server 2008R2 (latest Updates) Snapmanager fo more
HiWe are slowly migrating infrastructure from 7M to Cdot. Some of the systems being migrated are windows file-servers with iscsi luns attached.These s more
Current  Environment :  HFC (High File Count NAS Environment ) , 10 node Cluster  Ontap9.1 , NDMP ,  dozens of LTO Tape Drives.  What can we do before more
Hi   I have snapmirror implemeted between FAS and ontapselect. On ontap select I have DR  volume with MIrror and Vault policy.My snapshoted volumes ar more
Dear all,   First of all, thanks a lot for your time on reading this post!   I was working with VSC6.2, but we have recently upgrade ONTAP in our FAS8 more
Hi All   Has someone an running Environment with Snapcenter 4.1 and vCenter 6.7 (Flash Client not HTML5 Client). I know vCenter 6.7 gets supported wit more
Comparing what has changed since VSC SMVI 6.2.2 Noticed that the very convenient VM menu option "Backup Now" is gone in SnapCenter plugin please bring more