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cDOT snapmirror resync and sc issue


[Submitting on behalf of Tobias.]

Hi SC experts!

I have an issue with my SC (4.1P1) setup. I’m using the SAP HANA plugin, but that’s not relevant for the problem, I think. Here’s where I’m facing problems:

  • - My setup is based on cDOT (8.2 P6) / Linux / NFS
  • - I have a config where I take backups of primary volumes (wdflabvs07_fp_infra:/schana_data).
  • - The volumes are protected using snapmirror type XDP (snapvault) – the SC plugin triggers the update during a backup run (wdflabvs07_fp_infra:/schana_data -> wdflabvs10_fp_backup_t002:/sv_infr_schana_data)
  • - Everything is running fine up to here
  • - Then I would like to restore a primary snapshot which is older than the base snapshot for the snapmirror relationship
  • - In order to do that, I’m quiescing and deleting the snapmirror relationship to release the base snapshot
  • - Then I restore the (older) primary snapshot
  • - Now I would like to recreate the snapmirror relationship again (to continue protection of backups) – without a complete baseline transfer.
  • - I’m creating the snapmirror relationship again with type XDP, then I resync the destination.
  • - In system manager and on the cluster console, everything looks fine: the most recent common snapshot on primary is tagged “snapmirror” and the connection shows up.
  • - Now in SC, when I run the next backup, it fails, stating that the SnapVault relationship is missing:

I already had a look into that and we could verify that SC is not able to find the relationship anymore. Nevertheless,

  • - I don’t understand why this is happening and
  • - How should the correct procedure look like resync the relationship in such a scenario?

Any help would be highly appreciated.



Re: cDOT snapmirror resync and sc issue


We figured out a workaround/solution to this problem.

Resync is not enough, we must create a new snapshot on primayry and do a SnapMirror update using the appropriate SnapMirror lable before we start regular backups through Snap Creator.



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