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cannot modify host plugin

I have one question i was installing sql plug in on my sap server. I was log in with user who is snapcenter administrator.

By installing  plugin to host i have run as credentials , this user is on sap server local administrator.


But now when i click on host and wannt modify the setting i get error that my user cannot login in.

Can someone explaine me where and which permission should i set. that i can modify host settings.

i try with both user with my snapcenter administrator and also as user who is run as credentinals


Re: cannot modify host plugin



    Any Screengrab that you can attach for clarity?


Re: cannot modify host plugin


Re: cannot modify host plugin

so which permisson need user that he can modify host settings?

Re: cannot modify host plugin

Did the plugin RunAs user password changed or expired since the Host Add operation?

If yes, please update the new password for the RunAs user in SnapCenter and retry.

Re: cannot modify host plugin

I check password from run as acvount everything is ok.

Re: cannot modify host plugin


i have new information with my run as user i cann login to snapcenter. or local on server.

i can also install a new host.

but when im trying to modify the host , after third try i lock the AD account.


I give password agan to the user under run as option  but i lock the AD account again.

But when something is wrong with user then i should get a error when i install a host.

I install 15 of them wihtout a problem.

can i now add a additional run as account which will be used to modify host?

Re: cannot modify host plugin








Re: cannot modify host plugin

ok i will try to open case by netapp.

is there inn snapcenter some logs for host modify? that i could alone check it?

Re: cannot modify host plugin

If someone es need. My run as  user have a username NetappUser but snapcenter have a problems witch caps so remove user from snapcenter and add again as netappuser and then everything was working. Maybie this is corrected in p1,p2,p3 i dont know im waiting on next update.

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Re: cannot modify host plugin

This issue is fixed in Snapcenter version 4.1P2

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