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free up space after file deletion

Hi. . Thanks for your time.  One of my volume is showing 100%.  I have a TB volume and it had about 3TB of data on it.  And it was linked via iscsi to windows.  however the data was corrupt and I had formatted the drive within windows.  After copying new data onto the volume it dismounted from the server.  Looking at netapp system manager the volume shows at 100%. I removed some snapshot copies but thats not the issue.  how do I clear up the space on the volume to show that it is not really 100%?  thanks.


Re: free up space after file deletion

Reading more discussions I see that space reclaimer can fix this...however that requires SnapDrive. If I dont have that is there CLI commands that can be run?


Re: free up space after file deletion

SnapDrive includes CLI as well, it not only GUI.

If you had to format LUN anyway, the easiest way is to destroy and recreate LUN, this way you will free all the space used by old LUN.


Re: free up space after file deletion


Also see if you have snapshots that you can delete in the volume:


sin(takeover)> snap list -l -q qtree_vol

Volume qtree_vol


  snap list -l -q qtree_vol

    qtree                 contents       date          source

    --------              -------------  ------------  --------

2011-04-14_2320-0700_weekly_test_sin_qtree_vol_  (Apr 14 22:22)

    qtreequota            Original       Apr 14 22:22  -


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