[gui-00025] Invalid vCloud Credentials!

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Running SnapCreator_Framework_3.6.0-Win64 on Windows Server 2008 Standard, we are unable to successfully connect to vCloud Director 1.5 when creating a backup profile.

Within the SnapCreator GUI, we supply the vCD URL (assume for this example) and a local system administrator name defined within vCD (assume a system administrator user in vCD called sc_backup) as sc_backup@system and its associated password. However, when we try to connect to vCD, we always receive error "[gui-00025] Invalid vCloud Credentials!". If we follow that same URL outside of the SnapCreator GUI and use account sc_backup with its password, login is successful.

From within the SnapCreator GUI, we have double (and triple checked) that we are entering the correct password for sc_backup. We have tried entering the username as sc_backup and sc_backup@system. Same result always - [gui-00025] Invalid vCloud Credentials!. What are we missing?

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I am having the same issue, did you manage to find a resolution to this issue?

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It is a permissions issue of some kind, hard to tell based on info and I really dont have that much experience with vcloud. I do know we need @system user and it needs to be an admin but I think the @system user is an admin.

The other thing it could be is firewall, maybe SC server is being blocked to vcloud director. Are they on same subnet? If not I would check this

I would open a support case or maybe someone else will chime in with some ideas



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Hi Keith - I'm having this same issue with snapcreator framework 3.6, trying to create a configuration using the vCD plug-in to connect to a vCloud Director 5.1.1 cell.  As in the initial post, i've tried passing the credentials muliple ways to no avail;  i've tried local system administrator account established in vCD (Administrator@system), i've tried going directly to a specific organization using the local org administrator account, etc.  It always results in [gui-000025] Invalid vCloud Credentials.  Logging in with these credentials directly through the vCD UI works correctly.  Also, i tried using the vSphere plug-in just to confirm functionality, and I can sucessfully create a configuration using the vSphere plug-in going direct to the vCenter Server that supports vCD.  I've opened a case with NetApp support, but they have no information on this issue.  Have you heard anything more about this in the months following your response?

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Hello Don,

Could you please try this and let me know the result?

Example, if on a windows system where snapcreator server is installed.

C:\Program Files\NetApp\Snap_Creator_Framework\scServer4.0.0c>snapcreator.exe --pwdCrypt

Please Enter Password:

Your encrypted password is: 365a4f6c6f7157525331492d0a

Supply your vCD password in the above example, and obtain a Crypted password.

Then supply that password when try to connect to the vCD via snapcreator.

I don't have a lab gear with vCD install.

If you could test this and reply it is useful.

I will also cascade this information to the snapcreator developers.


Siva Ramanathan

Snapcreator Community Moderator

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Hi Siva;

thanks for the reply!  The --pwdCrypt option doesn't appear to be valid with SnapCreator 3.6.


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Thanks Don.

Sorry about that. I missed to see that.

I will this in the lab and will let you know asap.

Siva Ramanathan

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Is 4.0 available?  I'd be willing to upgrade if so, but I don't see it on the Downloads page.

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4.0 community edition is expected to be released in 2 weeks.

Also has a version of 4.0.0c

I am reaching out to my peers to test the login issue meanwhile.

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I believe that the 3.6 option is --cryptpasswd

You can run the snapcreator command by itself and it should list all of the options.

This should be one of the last ones listed.

Hope this helps.