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how remove snapshoots from vault and then policy

Snapcenter 4.1 , im new in snapcenter, we create at the begining a few policy after 5 days we change our backup strategy and create a new policies. Now we cannot delete the policies because there should be a backup attached. But i know that that retention should be over .



i check the databases where this poliy was attached .  I remove manually the snapshoot which was attached to local copies and allso make check thaz al backups should be deleted.

but when i check the database.

i get this. under mirror the snapshoots are deleted. you see  mirror there should be 32 copies but graphich shows 36 date is 25.9.2018

policy 3 mirror.JPG

under vault i see that there are 36 copies snapshoots

policy4 vault.JPGyou see there are also 21-24.9.2018.

so how can i delete this snapshoots that mirror and vault be the same? I dont remember that i should make a seperate retention policy of vault.  So how to delete it or synchronize it.

Should i do it direct on netapp? Or how can i resolve this?




Re: how remove snapshoots from vault and then policy

You can see the retention on the ONTAP cluster.  Use the command:


snapmirror policy show -policy <Policy name> -instance


See the Data Protection Power Guide for more information on the command.

Re: how remove snapshoots from vault and then policy

Its strange , now when i check today the database in snapcenter. the number under mirror and vault are correct and older snapshoots where removed.

I only get the first error that i cannot remove policy.

but i will check it with your commands.

Re: how remove snapshoots from vault and then policy

Now i check with powershell where which policy is added  . and resoult the policy is not added.

But i cannt  still not remove it.