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how to move lun into a qtree?

Hi everyone!

I want to automate the process of DR mirror and then Vault/backup using the Protection manager. But, the dataset in the protection manger require that the luns be in the qtree. I had a session on Oncommand and they said we can make it work by unflagging an option in the dfm.

But my client here want to go with moving the luns into the qtree as the best practice. So, I would like to know if there is a way  in moving these luns into a qtree (by creating a new qtree)?? I have attached a snapshot of my environment. Some are in the qtree but some are not.

  So how do I move them into a newly created qtree in the same volume? Is it necessary to take the luns offline?   DOT 8.0.1 is used


Re: how to move lun into a qtree?

The lun move command will move and/or rename a lun.  As long as in the same volume the command works to rename or move between qtrees or in or out of a qtree.   lun move /vol/lun1.lun /vol/qtree/lun1.lun for example... I haven't tried it hot so would be good to test out with a test lun while writing/reading it... it shouldn't have an outage for the command but worth testing or opening a case to make sure.

SnapDrive may get confused though so worth testing to see if a rescan picks up the new path.  The host won't mind since the same lun has the same mapping after the move but the container path will have to be refreshed or fixed possibly (ideally it picks it up when you test it on a test lun).

Re: how to move lun into a qtree?

From the Block Access Management Guide.. on lun move..what I suspected which is good news.  You can change the lun name and path (or just name or path) with the lun move command to move into a qtree.  The only question to me is snapdrive container refreshing..

Note: This process is completely nondisruptive; it can be performed while the LUN is online and serving data.

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Re: how to move lun into a qtree?

The process is non-disruptive, must be done using the 'lun move' command as Scott pointed out.  I have done this many times with live data.  SnapDrive for Windows doesn't care and will update appropriately.  Just make sure that a SnapManager is not currently performing a backup and/or verify while you use the 'lun move' command.

Re: how to move lun into a qtree?

Cool. Did you have to refresh snapdrive or stop/start the service or it just automatically picked up the new container path?

Re: how to move lun into a qtree?

If SnapDrive is open, click disks and press F5 or refresh the view.  If SnapDrive is not open, then it will show the move when it opens.  Nothing needs to be done with SnapDrive.

Re: how to move lun into a qtree?

Thank you so much guys!! And yeah, once this is done on all the  luns which are not in the qtree what happens the already existing snapmirror relationships??

Snapmirror is done at volume level here.

And how do i figure out whether or not Snapdrive is performing any backup?

Re: how to move lun into a qtree?

Snapmirror Vsm will make the target match the source on next update and will transfer the block changes. You can create a manual snapdrive snapshot to test snaps. Then you can snap delta that snap to the last snapmirror snap and see the estimated size of the next transfer.

Re: how to move lun into a qtree?

okay will do Scott.. and as Spence mentioned to check if the Snapdrive is performing any backup or not, how do i check that??

Re: how to move lun into a qtree?

Do you have snapmanager scheduled for backups? That would be what calls snapdrive. Check snapmanager. Unless you have an sdcli snap create script or other process calling snapdrive.

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