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issue with restoring mysql databases




I have a problem with restoring mysql databases. The backup with SnapCreator runs without any errors or warnings and also the restore do so. But when I delete one table in one database after the backup and then restore everything, this table is still missing.

I don't know what to do now and hope someone here could help me. I'm using a Windows Server 2008 R2 mashine with a MySQL 5.7 server, both 64 bit. The SnapCreator agent also runs there.


Please see my config file below. The reason why I left the app name empty is because the SnapCreator won't unquiesce itself. So I use the commands manually.

Thanks for any help!


Re: issue with restoring mysql databases




see if this tr helps

To restore the database from file-restore, you'd better have the database in LUN.

 recommendation is to store each database in separate volume and try volume-restore.

Re: issue with restoring mysql databases



I found one solution for me. Know I'm using the Snap Creator without the MySQL plugin with sdcli commands for consistent snapshots and only the Snap Drive mmc for restoring. By using the Snap Creator for restoring the system always crashed because the Snap Creator disconnect the LUN everytime the restore finnished. So Windows was very angry when one of the hard drives suddenly got lost.

Now everything is running fine but it tooks a lot of time trying the possiblities out.

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