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mv command in jsh (netapp.cmds.jsh)

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyoe can provide the correct syntax of moving a directory having spaces in the name. We are using mv command in jsh in Netapp.

jsh> mv "one two" "one two_old"
mv failed

Any help would be much appreciated.



Re: mv command in jsh (netapp.cmds.jsh)

This method only works with individual files, not directories.


Re: mv command in jsh (netapp.cmds.jsh)

A host rename should be immediate can test a new directory with a lot of files and try it out on the host side.  From the netapp side, you could use ndmpcopy as well, but a rename on the host should be much quicker if the level of the directory is not changing, just the name.

Check out the KB!
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