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ndmpcopy authentication failed

Hi all,

I was working on ndmpcopy on Ontap 8.3.2.p2. 

The cluster is running in vserver scope and the ndmp is on. The ndmp protocol is enable on the vserver.


I run ndmpcopy and got the authentication failed message.


cluster::> node run -node node ndmpcopy  -sa ndmpuser:password  -da ndmpuser:password  source-ip:/vserver/volume dest-ip:/vserver/volume
Ndmpcopy: Starting copy [ 44 ] ...
Ndmpcopy: source-ip: Notify: Connection established
Ndmpcopy: dest-ip: Notify: Connection established
Ndmpcopy: Authentication failed for source
Ndmpcopy: Done



Re: ndmpcopy authentication failed

Make sure that ndmp services enabled for the node.


system services ndmp on -node node-name


system services ndmp show # to see the status

Re: ndmpcopy authentication failed



after enabled the node ndmp, I still got the Authentication failed for source error message.



Re: ndmpcopy authentication failed

Hello Rich,


The command is bit incomplete..


First try to create a NDMP user on both the clusters for the concerned VSERVER. Then genearate a password on both sides.


Use :


ndmp generate-password command


then use the usual command u are using.. Just add the NDMP user id and password instead of the one u were using previously... Cheers..!!!!

Re: ndmpcopy authentication failed



I have to use command to let system create user and generate password then ndmpcopy works.


Thank you.