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ndmpcopy missing


Hi, I have got NetApp FAS2020 Release 7.3.2. I cannot see ndmpcopy command in the list of available commands. When I issue it from the command prompt, the response is

ndmpcopy not found.  Type '?' for a list of commands

As a result, I cannot move the root volume, since ndmpcopy is needed for this action.

The thing is that, the command was available, when the filer was delivered. Then it was reset to a factory default configuration (4a special boot menu item was chosen), and it was upgraded to the latest available BIOS/BMC/Diagnostics image. It is also worth to report, the filer is now operating with only one controller plugged in, could it be relevant to my problem?




After 4a you need to “reimage” root volume by performing fake update. Perform “software install” to get full root volume content; there is no need to do subsequent “download” as long as you stay on the same version.

And as long as you will be doing it anyway, any reason you stay on 7.3.2 instead of upgrading to the latest version?


Thank you for your answer, I will try to do "software install".

I would like to upgrade to the latest vervion, but, as far as I can judge from the download page, 7.3.2 is the latest firmware for FAS2020. I downloaded and installed the following firmware package, as you can see in  the picture


The latest version is 7.3.6 (strictly speaking it is 7.3.6P5 as of this writing). What you have shown is not Data ONTAP, but motherboard firmware.


But where can I find the Data ONTAP upgrade, is it available at or

Thank you for this advice, I have found on where to download it.

I have performed "software install", there were no errors in response, then the filer was rebooted, but nothing changed. There is still no ndmpcopy among available commands.


I repeat – you have to install Data ONTAP, not motherboard firmware.


Thank you so much for your help! Ndmpcopy is available now. Moreover, I have upgraded my filer to the latest version of Data ONTAP.


Nice to hear. Then please mark question as answered.


I'd be happy to mark the useful answer, but see no control elements to do this. As if this discussion is not mine... very strange...

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